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First of all, let me say, I hate cooking shows that tell you to open a can of this and a jar of that and then mix together. I've always been a "make it from scratch" kind of guy.
Having said that, the following recipe pretty much is that. If you have a great salsa recipe or make your refried beans from scratch, but all means go for it. For everyone else, I think these Huevos Rancheros kick ass.

Corn tortillas
Pace Picante Sauce (Medium)
Rosarita refried beans
Cheddar & Jack cheese grated and mixed together
Pickled jalapeno peppers (if you have the huevos!)

Spread a thin layer of mayonnaise on both sides of corn tortillas. Grill lightly.
Heat refried beans in small sauce pan (I always add a little bacon grease first to give it the Tijuana flavor)
In a separate pan, crack eggs and cook to desired doneness (over easy or over medium is recommended)

Place 2 corn tortillas on plate
Cover tortillas with approximately 3 T of refried beans
Place cooked eggs on top of beans
Cover with salsa (approx. 1/4 cup)
Add mixed cheese
Place under broiler to melt cheese
Serve with pickled jalapeno peppers