• Unriehl Productions
    The production company which produces Food Rules as well as a variety of other projects.

  • West Moon Studios
    Food Rules audio guy Danny Gray. Mobile recording, live performance recording, voice over and digital audio editing/mixing.

  • Access Nation / Five Films
    A documentary film showcasing many of the most outrageous Public Access shows throughout the U.S. including Food Rules.


  • Floyd Sneed
    Original drummer of Three Dog Night and accomplished painter.  Check out his site for a sampling of some of his work.  Also be sure and check out Floyd's Rockin 'Rignal Fried Chicken on our recipe page.

  • Vintage Rock
    Anything and everything you'd want to know about classic rock.  Plus Shawn Perry loves the show.

  • Marc Corey Lee
    What a guy!  Not only can he sing, but he's one of the nicest people you'd ever want to meet.  It's only a matter of time before he becomes a household name.



  • Marty's Corner
    Cable show originating from Hacienda Heights, CA.  Hosted by Marty Shields, this show is a real kick.  Great crew and staff.  Watch the live webcast every month for some great entertainment.

  • Valley Access Channels
    Our newest friends in Stillwater, MN. Be sure and check out their website and watch FOOD RULES when you're back in that great part of America.

  • MHAT / Channel 19
    Located in Morgan Hill, CA, these guys obviously know good TV when they see it.  Check out their site to see when Food Rules is airing.


  • MVAC
    The Mission Viejo Activities Committee is a non-profit, volunteer, civic organization that promotes and carries out community service activities for the benefit of the citizens of Mission Viejo, CA. 


  • Coyote Vision, USA, Inc.
    For those "on location" shoots outside, the whole crew wears Coyote Sunglasses.  The best sunglasses around!